Your brains are desperately needed but you make it REALLY hard to hire you.

The internet wants to hire you TODAY but you make it so complicated that it takes months.

Get access to the sales funnel method that sells services across the world.

Written Gold is an online course that shows you how to put the ultimate method of selling services into place for your business or agency.

Life after Written Gold™:
You sell all the spots to your top level package.
Your retreat gets booked out in weeks vs months.
Your packages are bought with ZERO consult calls needed.
Your peers and big fish you admire buy YOUR thing. Bowl you over with flattery!
our tweets start making you money.
Halley has my straight-up recommendation to anybody looking to increase their business’ growth with a marketing strategist.

Lola Falk

This course helped a TON! (Not just with sales, but all of my promotional material.)

Rachel Bailey
Turn strangers into clients.

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What you get:
Three days of self paced video classes
32 page PDF of all things sales pages
7 pages  worksheets + templates
What happens once you click the 'buy now' button:
Pay via Stripe
Start your course
Turn strangers into clients
It’s the bees patella’s!

I sold out my last course using this method.

Halley is truly a sales page ninja!
Without promotion or consults I have been able to get my highest offering sold, just based off this method, twice!

Learn how to turn them in seconds.


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